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To contact us:

Email: SkipHiggins@RaskalPhotography.com

or write us at:

Raskal Photography

P.O. Box 536

Troutville, VA.� 24175-0536

Formerly at home on the shore of Lake Michigan, we now find ourselves surrounded by the several mountain ranges in South Western Virginia.� Here,� we�ve been able to secure a suitable base for our operations in the great outdoors of our Country!� Our new home offers a vastly different view of this beautiful land and it�s rich history, an interpretation of which we seek to share through the discerning eye of our cameras.�


We invite you to visit, with us, the landscapes, natural and man-made wonders of our country, as well as the people, products and business ventures that keep it all together.


As always, any questions directed to us about the subject matter, media, and process will be answered as soon as time allows.� Please refer to photo file numbering listed with the particular photo at the time of your inquiry.�


Comments, commissions and specific quote requests are always welcome!�

Please note:

Only after gaining written permission from us, may you use any of images you find here (always appending all credit applicable to the U.S. copyrighted photos) in your own not-for-profit web site, reports or illustrations.� Please do not attempt to sell, barter or otherwise use them for any value however as they are registered and an infringement case will result!

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Also, for photographers

we offer a water-resistant, pocket sized booklet for recording camera settings and subject identification information while out on a shoot.� We call it the �Field Photo Log�.� Handy for recalling the specifics of a particular photo session in order to duplicate or improve results � less wasted frames � the next time out!� We carry several to record and then transcribe the critical information from them when in a more relaxed area.�


The booklet has plastic coated pages with space for recording forty (40) exposures using the included �Vis-�-Vis� wet erase marker and the pages can be wiped off and then reused until they basically rot away!� The spiral bound book is approximately four (4) inches wide by five (5) inches long and about one-half inch thick.� It sells for $15.95� US which includes shipping in the States� - outside USA will have additional shipping charge added.

Click on the box below to place a secure credit card order for one or more �Field Photo Log� Books!

** outside US pays additional shipping!

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