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Below, at right, “Old No. 9” 77-04-13ART-07  printed on art stock as a chalk & charcoal print & below left, “The  Signal” 77-04-18-02 Both memorabilia of a bygone Steam era captured in North Freedom, Wisconsin.

“Last Shot at Appomattox” 00-76-18-02 Taken at the Appomattox Court House NM at, and of, the location where the last shot of the Army of Northern Virginia was fired ending the American Civil War after which General surrendered to General Grant.

“Up & Out to the Light” 77-03-12-03 View from the outer battlements up & out to the moat of Civil War era Ft. Macon, North Carolina (Area now flooded and unreachable)

“Ft. Macon



View from the quarters area into the “yard” at Civil War era Ft. Macon, NC

“The Boys of 1862” (WC)01-71-19-06 Captured on location at Harper’s Ferry these are some of the extras in the

 T. Turner movie “Gods & Generals” printed on art paper as a watercolor. 



The archway of the National D-Day Memorial in

Bedford, Virginia

“War Dog” 02-18-03-07

A Tribute and Memorial to the service of War Dogs in WWII, this memorial is

located on the Veterinary School campus of the

University of Tennessee at Knoxville